Our range of products include: 

Decorative paints – interior and exterior durable and washable coatings, roof paints, enamel paints, bonding liquids, water / damp proofing and roof seal compounds, road marking paints.

Industrial paints - Quick drying primers and enamels, solvents, polyurethane and epoxy paints.

Chemicals - a complete range of household and industrial cleaning chemicals, degreasers, rust preventatives, hand cleaners and heavy duty cleaners.

Wood care – Environmentally friendly, easy to use, water-based wood sealants, stains and preservatives.  Our wood coating range is based on international technology and includes a wide variety of products for all possible wood applications.  Interior wood sealants, floor sealers, decking sealers, preservatives and exterior high UV resistant sealers.

Our vastly experienced staff are qualified to recommend the right product for the right application.  We pride ourselves on our commitment to all customers, whether it’s paint, chemicals, waterproofing or damp proofing, residential, industrial or commercial.